Pertinent article. It relates directly to your recent podcast with Pete Quinones where you name the Darwinian evolution metaphysical construct as the number one lie among a list of prominent, widely accepted ones. I wanted to email you to thank you for doing that podcast and pointing out the obvious, which is that Darwinism, as a scientific explanation of life and its origins, is an idiocy. Listening to the podcast, I was growing increasingly frustrated, wrongly believing Pete and yourself would fail to make good on its title. But you delivered.

Scientism is the religion of the age. What a tremendous irony that a such an empty sham of an ideology is accepted as the very essence of enlightenment, and it's adherents imagine themselves free of subservience to religion, too sophisticated for it, even as they define their existence through a belief system comprised of a string of wishful imaginings that fail miserably to comport with reality. Darwinian ideology has proven equal in its absurdity and profundity. It was and continues to be essential to the spiritual condition humanity finds itself in. The consequences have been severe. They continue to worsen and expand.

In any event, I could find no email address for you to send my thanks for identifying the foundational lie of our age, so I subscribed here to do so. I only hope you will see my comment, made below this now relatively old article.

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